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2012-03-03 09:29:50 by thefrozenburrito

Whats up people, this is my new NewGrounds account and It is going to be Legend wait for it.......... Dairy. This new account is so badass a Narwhal will come out of your ass and make you motha fuckin hash brownies bro. Now things about me, im awesome, funny, and cool, i say outrageous things, and im an artist. and as i was on this site, i also saw some really amazing art on this site and i have to say, you guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! :D so yeah now future on im going to post my art on this site, just to let people now, i dont have a tablet to do photoshop and awesome art, but i do pretty good for pencil and pen, so im going to scan my art and stuff so i hope you like it, IF NOT, then thats okay.